`Jim Foulk `

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`Jim Foulk `

Писане  {Bloody.Rose} on Пон 27 Окт 2008, 20:15

Lonely am I

Lonely are the nights
Lonely are the days
Lonely am I, in so many ways

Lonely are the seasons
Lonely are the years
So lonely am I, that it brings tears.

Lonely is this place
Lonely is my life
Lonely am I, that I reach for a knife

Lonely is this court room
Lonely is my sentence
So lonely am I that I ask for repentance.

A Message To Your Heart

Can i send a message to your heart,
from my heart to yours,
soon it will depart

There is no charge,
only for you to be there,
and i for you, my love,
how i love you dear

Together hand in hand,
we will be together
of our troubles we'll make a stand

Can i send a message to your heart,
from life to death
until that day we'll depart.

wrote 12-20-06

Lost Love

Love it touches
the heart so deep,
love that is lost,
hurts so much,
it breaks our hearts,
we think there is
no hope, only an
endless road with
no where to go,
but then we meet
someone else and
a new world is
given to us,
and a new tomorrow.

wrote 3-16-07

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Re: `Jim Foulk `

Писане  c0lourblind- on Пон 27 Окт 2008, 20:25

чувствам се опиянена от толкова много думи.. красиви думи.
Забиват се в здравето ми и го разкъсват.. карайки ме да ги чета отново.. и отново..

    I'm a Slytherin so your arguments are forever invalid.


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Re: `Jim Foulk `

Писане  Enery on Пон 27 Окт 2008, 20:28

Чувството да си сам..
За самотата най ме плени.

i miss the sound of your voice ~

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Re: `Jim Foulk `

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