Dekiai Paradox

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Dekiai Paradox

Писане  Façade on Нед 29 Мар 2009, 14:04

Years of Released 2005
Status Completed
Author(s) Anisaki Yuna
Artist(s) Anisaki Yuna
Genre(s) Drama, Mature, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut


In a school where students are into different classes based on their grades there is a prince who is the idol of the school, a cute and shy boy called Renjou Kaoru, but Amakawa Yumi, a second year student, doesn't seem to be interested in him. She's already in love with Kokonoe Yukito, a guy into the same class as her and a childhood friend of Kaoru! What she still doesn't seem to know is that the cute and shy little boy is not actually as he appears to be...

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Re: Dekiai Paradox

Писане  Enery on Сря 01 Апр 2009, 12:19

Весела манга icon_lol , не сериозно мн ми хареса love

i miss the sound of your voice ~

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