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Summary :
Shinichi Izumi was just your average pampered boy with as much attatchment to life as any average high-school second-year, but as he finds out, that life is about to change. Hundreds of serpent like life-forms with the sole intent to eradicate the species of this planet have begun to ravage the world, and with one of them having settled in his right-hand-now-"Migi", Shinichi will need more than the wits he garnered amidst his 17-year old life with his mother tending to him, as he comes across (and is eventually hounded down by) man-eating beasts that have overtaken the lives of the people he holds so dear, a sentient of the species-turned mother, and heck, even those afflicted with the same "condition"!

Genre(s) : Action, Horror, Sci-fi, Drama, Seinen, Psychological

Artist(s) : Iwaaki Hitoshi

Author(s) : Hitoshi Iwaaki

Official Volumes : 10

Chapters: 64

Year: 1990

Scanslation Status : Complete

Link: Клик!

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