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Roswell High is a young adults book series written by Melinda Metz and published by Pocket Books. The 10-book series chronicles the adventures of three teen aliens and their human friends, who attend the fictional Ulysses F. Olsen High in Roswell, New Mexico. The Roswell High books served as inspiration for the American science fiction television series Roswell (1999-2002), also known as Roswell High in some countries, which in turn spawned five spin-off books of its own.

  • The Outsider (1998)


Max Evans likes Liz Ortecho. He’s liked her since the third grade, but has never gotten up the nerve to ask her out. After all they’re friends, lab partners. If he admitted that he liked her, that he had a crush on her, then she might never think of him the same way again.

Then, something happens. Liz is shot at the Crashdown Cafe, and Max is forced to heal her in order to save her life, and to reveal the truth about him, his sister Isabel, and his best friend Michael, to her and Maria DeLuca. He thought that Liz would freak out if she knew he had a crush on her; now, she knows much more. . .

But can she be trusted to keep the secret? Or will she- or those she tells- betray him out of fear and revulsion? After all, the government would do anything to capture three living, breathing aliens. . .

Important Plot Developments.

-Liz, Maria, and Alex learn that Max, Isabel, and Michael are aliens.
-Sherrif Valenti is revealed as an alien hunter.
-Liz is questioned about her miraculous recovery, even though she insists that she wasn’t.
shot. Valenti doesn’t stop questioning her.
-The six stage a "death scene" which leads Valenti to think that the alien who healed Liz is dead.

Important Romance Developments.

Max and Liz

-share memories.
-kiss in order to fool Kyle Valenti.
-get together after learning that Max has liked Liz since the 3rd grade.
-are voted Homecoming king and queen, thanks to Alex and Michael.
-become "just friends"

Alex and Isabel

-almost kiss in a dream that Isabel initiates.
-endure some problems when Isabel refers to Alex as a "Love slave" in front of her friends.
-have a mutual physical attraction for each other.
-dance together at Homecoming.

Michael and Maria

-dance together at Homecoming (as friends).

Review (Highly Subjective)

I bought this book on impulse because it was $1.99. I bought three books in much the same manner on that day: Countdown: January, which was $1.99, and Replica, which was 99 cents. This was the best by far.

Max and Liz are particularly emphazized in this book, and, as a result, most of the other characters aren’t as deep as they are in subsequent books. However, Isabel has her moments (check out her fear of Valenti and reaction to the Alien Autopsy tapes!). Maria and Michael’s dance seems like a mistake (read #3 for more info on *why*).

The ending was good. It came out of nowhere and hit you in the head like a 4 by 4. Although it IS a bit convenient that each of the people have a different aura color.....

Good book. 4 out of 5 ketchup bottles.
  • The Wild One (1998)

Nikolas Branson is new in town. Athletic and handsome, he proves to be a perfect match for Isabel Evans. After all, they're both popular, wild. . .and alien.

Max, Michael, and especially Alex think that Nikolas is all wrong for Isabel; bad news in general. He uses his powers for personal gain and dangerous kicks, and could easily attract the members of Project: Clean Sweep. They try to tell Isabel that he's not good for her, but she refuses to listen. He's dangerous. . .and completely hers.

But then Nikolas goes too far. He exposes himself, and Isabel, to terrible guilt and danger. And, now, even her friends might not be able to save her. . .

Important Plot Developments.
-Nikolas demonstrates that an alien's power can be used to hurt.
-Nikolas is shot by Sherrif Valenti at the mall (after hours).
-Maria finds Nikolas's ring while also at the mall after his death.
-Ray Iburg is introduced as an alien with impressive powers, who saves them when Valenti is sure to capture them.

Important Romance Developments.

Max and Liz

-still insist they are just friends. . .
-. . .then kiss combustively when their lives are in danger at the mall.

Alex and Isabel

-Isabel gets involved with Nikolas.
-Alex finds himself getting very jealous.
-Alex is also used repeatedly by Isabel.

Michael and Maria

-Maria discovers that she likes Michael.
-This may mark Michael's first visit to her room.
-Michael switches foster parents.

Review (Highly Subjective)

Note: as I can not find the book at the moment, I an relying upon memory. This page will be updated as soon as I find the blasted thing.

This one begins to illustrate the complexity of Alex and Isabel's relationship. They probably have the most complex (and troubled) relationship in this book. I mean, Max and Liz love each other. Michael and Maria have the whole "friend, or friend thing going on. But Isabel and Alex? Woah, major complex, especially when. . .well, that's another book, isn't it?

We see here that Isabel has a dark side. . .and, surprisingly, it isn't as big as we thought it would be. She follow's Nikolas's lead. . .but hates doing it. And feels guilty about it, somewhere deep inside her. Still, I think Alex is too good for her. She treats him like dirt, and he sticks around. What a saint!

This could be the perfect book. Could be. There's just one problem: some of the scenes seem contrived. Yeah, I know, a book about aliens isn't exactly a place to be complaining about realism, but, still, some of the scenes take the easy way out. Ray's rescue for one thing. Isn't it convenient that Ray just happens to show up when they need help. With the perfect device to stop it. That wipes Valenti's memory. It worked, but, still, came off as a bit shaky.

The other qualm I have is with Liz and Max's kiss. They didn't need to kiss. Although it made for a nice scene.

Overall: Again, not too bad. A bit better than the first in that the characters developed more. 4 alien cheerleaders out of five.
  • The Seeker (1999)

After Nikolas's death, Maria found a ring- his ring- at the mall. Now, she has powers. She can see what people are doing at any given moment. And maybe- just maybe- this power can be used to find the ship.

Maria doesn't want to tell anyone about her new powers. After all, Liz wouldn't believe her. And they have a dark side. She often loses time, or is paralyzed, after she uses them. If the others knew about them, they'd make her stop using them. She likes her new powers too much to give them up. After all, they make her more than an "ordinary human chick." They make her someone that Michael might be interested in.

However, the the effects of her power become worse, until her very life is threatened. The only one who can help her is Ray, and he's still a stranger to most of the group. Her hope lies with him, and, if he can't help her, she may have to pay the ultimate price. . .

Important Plot Developments.
-Ray reveals that Michael, Isabel, and Max's parents are dead.
-The reason for the crash- an alien named Clyde(!) who stole a "Stone of Midnight"- is revealed.
-While using the ring, Maria learns important information about the location of the ship.
-Max collapses at the end of the book for no apparent reason. This leads into book #4.

Important Romance Developments.

Max and Liz

-Are still "just friends."
-Liz dates another guy, chiefly to make Max jealous. It works.
-Max spies on her while she's on a date, and ends up hurting her.
-Just before Max collapses, they become more than just friends for good.

Alex and Isabel

-Isabel is still heartbroken about Nikolas's death.
-Alex stands outside Isabel's door and talks to her in order to comfort her.
-Isabel fears that she's using Alex too much, but finds that she genuinely likes him.

Michael and Maria

-Michael visits Maria's dream and sees her making out with a dark-haried guy.
-This causes him to feel somewhat different about her.
-Maria continues to look for the ship just to help Michael.
-Michael "dies" for Maria. . .

Review (Highly Subjective)

I love this book, plain and simple. However, you probably want to know why. So I'll tell you.

Romance. Yeah, I know, tacky, but it seems to be the main vehicle for character development in this series. And, since everyone here undergoes romantic changes, everyone develops.

Mythology. We learn more about Max, Isabel, and Michael's heratige and history. It was priceless- and touching in a hurting way- when Michael thinks that Ray could be his dad, then finds out that he's not. It shows a lot about what makes Michael- the least developed character in the series until that point- tick.

Characters. Namely, Ray. I love this guy! He can mangage to be a card while telling another alien- in an alien museum- about his history. "You should have told me you were going in for that lobotomy; I would have given you the day off." Priceless! Alex, too. He's a sweetie. I don't know why he's wasting his time on Isabel. But, still, he's a nive guy. A very, very nice guy. Who, incidentally, is from a military family. . .ah, the irony and the estacy!

Overall: Possibly the best book of the series, although The Intruder definately supplies some competition. 5 Stones of Midnight out of 5.
  • The Watcher (1999)

Max is sick. He doesn't know what's wrong at first. After all, there aren't many chapters on alien physiology in the medical books. Maybe fainting is just the alien version of the flu. Or, maybe, it's death. And, when he asks Ray what's wrong with him, his worst suspicions are confirmed; Max is going through his akino, and, if he doesn't use a certian form of alien technology soon, he'll die. . .

The only way to save Max's life is to get him to the communication crystals, which are in the alien ship. Michael and Max have been searching for the ship for years, and haven't been able to find it. Now, they may have only days to accomplish this. The only clue they have is the image of a guard and of a "chicken rock" in the desert.

If they don't find the crystals, Max will die within days, and Isabel and Michael won't be far behind. However, if they do find the crystals, one of their group may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice to get them. . .

Important Plot Developments.
-We learn that every alien must go through the akino, a connection to the collective conciousness.
-The ship is found, and Valenti knows about it.
-Ray is killed.
-Michael is captured.

Important Romance Developments.

Max and Liz

-finally decide to be together.

Alex and Isabel

-Isabel meets Alex's family.
-Isabel becomes jealous of Maria.

Michael and Maria

-Maria stops Michael from using the Stone of Midnight.
-Michael makes out with Isabel in his dreams.
-They embrace while in the cave after Maria stops him from sacrificing his life.

Review (Highly Subjective)

Well, well, well. A collective conciousness. The akino. We finally get to learn something about alien physiology. This is great for science fiction nuts!

There are some really great scenes in here (the "Willie Gates" scene, the cave scene, the dinner at Alex's) and some great one liners (fertilizer). It may not be a happy book, but it's funny.

This really seems to be the book in which Melinda Metz establishes a continuous plot line that relies on more than one scene in the previous book. It makes it a lot easier to get into the mythology of the series (note that The Intruder is a direct segue from this book. It's great to get more into mythology, and we get to see how some of the characters tick. Just. . .something about this book rubbed me the wrong way. Not severely. Just a little.

So. . . 4 connection crystals out of 5.
  • The Intruder (1999)

Michael has been captured by Valenti, and, now, Valenti knows the truth about him. Michael now spends his days and nights in a glass cage in the center of a military compound.

The others are worried. What if Michael cracks? Or what if he's dead? The thought is almost too much for them to take. After all, they've already lost Ray, and they've almost lost Max. They know that they have to help Michael. . .but how can they get into the compound?

Enter Adam and Cameron.

Adam is an alien. . .and his last name is Valenti. He doesn't know right from wrong, and has the intelligence of a two year old. Cameron is a psychic who has been taken by Valenti for testing. Cameron and Michael work together, and Adam escapes to find Max and the others. Cameron is still with Michael, and he's beginning to trust her. However, that's the one problem with being an alien; you don't know who you can trust. . .even if they're not human.

Important Plot Developments.
-Adam is intoduced. And, as it turns out, he's a psycho.
-Cameron is intoduced.
-Adam kills Valenti, who he once believed was his father.
-The compound is burned down.

Important Romance Developments.

Max and Liz

-Adam has a crush on Liz Max doesn't like that.

Alex and Isabel

-Isabel now knows that she lkes Michael.
-Alex is dumped by Isabel.

Michael and Maria

-Michael has something going on with Cameron now.
-Maria is fairly clueless to this fact.

Review (Highly Subjective)

Adam is the coolest. Character-wise, I mean. Not person-wise. I think that he's going to be a suitable heir to the Valenti throne (c'mon, you know that Kyle could never hurt Liz. Not with that funny feeling down there). He also has potential as a mind manipulator. I dont' know if they exist. . .but, hey, if they did, he would be one!

The whole plot if this book is excellent. Finally, there's the perfect balance of action and romance. And not just pure love. Or lust. There's sick desire and manipulation. Which is cool.

I can't figure out why Isabel dumped Alex. I mean. . .he's Alex! Which is good. Maybe not Isabel's type, I suppose, but they guy is LOYAL! He's been dumped, and he still comes crawling back. What a gentleman!

Excellent overall, and possibly the best of the series (see The Seeker). 5 pieces of toast out of 5!
  • The Stowaway (2000)

  • The Vanished (2000)

Max and the group are on a mission to save Alex. When they go to the remains of the Project Clean Slate the aliens use their powers to uncover the space ship. Just as a car is coming that chases them away. When Max connects to the consciosness, he feels the fear and hatred of his people towards Alex. Everyone misses Alex, especially Isabel. When Isabel trys to uncover the ship, she finds its not there anymore. With a new Sheriff in town, they have to be extra careful, who knows she could be an enemy.

The consciosness is connecting even when Max doesn't want it to, like during a kiss with Liz. Max feels violated and has to focus to block them out. Liz doesn't feel as connected as she used to be with Max and is actually jelouse of the consciosness.

They know they need a stone of midnight to open another wormhole and get Alex back. They know DuPris has it, but how can they get it from him? Liz and Adam sneak into DuPris' office and find a picture of Sheriff Valenti...with Alex's dad. Isabel decides to do some investigating. She goes to the Manes' home and tells Mrs. Manes she will answer phone calls while she takes a nap. Isabel uploads files under a folder Tabula Rasa (which means "Blank Slate") to blank disks, which Adam decodes. On the disk their are plans for an alien killing chemical weapon.

When Maria is working at the cafe, she see's a man wearing a shirt that says something about a place called "Carlsbad Caverns". Isabel has vauge memories of a cave when she had been taken over by DuPris. So they decide to take a trip to the caverns. On the way to the caverns, Liz notices a car following them, with Kyle Valenti behind the wheel. Kyle is desperate to find out what happened to his father, maybe even desperate enough to kill. He trys to ram them off the road, but Adam blows out his tires.

When they arive, they go into the caves and investigate. They all feel strong power being used, which means only one thing, the stones of midnight. Later that night, Max teleports them all to the deepest spot they had been that day in the caves. Adam makes a holograph apear of Mr. Manes in the exact spot they were. Not only was DuPris in the cave, but so wasn't Alex's dad. After going a little further, Isabel smells something acid like and hears Max choking. Mr. Manes had released his weapon.

One by one, Maria and Liz carry their friends to safty, and save their lives. They decide they have to continue with their plan, to save Alex. Then they find the space ship, along with DuPris and Mr. Manes. Mr. Manes uses some laser weapon on Adam and knocks him out, but Michael heals him. Then DuPris traps them all in the space ship and trys to crush them in it. They all link up and make a quarter sized whole in the ship. Mr. Manes puts a canister of his chemical thru the hole to hopefully stop DuPris from smooshing them all. DuPris leaves and takes the ship with him.

Then Mr. Manes shows them a spinning orb which has collected energy from the stone of midnight, which they can use to hopefully bring Alex home. They use it and get an image of Alex, and they were almost sure he saw them...but the image faded and Alex is still trapped.

Back Cover

Max is on a mission to save Alex, who is stranded on the home planet. Alex may be lost or wounded-or worse. To get Alex back, Max knows he'll need one of the Stones of Midnight. If only he knew where to find one...

Liz understands that that Max can't rest until he finds Alex. And she's been busy herself -spending time with Roswell newcomer Adam. She's been having so much fun with Adam that Max is in danger...of being forgotten.

Important Plot Developments

-Max and the group attempt to save Alex
-Michael inherits the UFO Museum and all of Ray's stuff.
-Kyle goes physcotic searching for his father.
-Mr. Manes is a Clean Slate Agent.
-They find DuPris but arn't succesful in retrieving the stone.
-Mr. Manes and the group try to get Alex back with a device, but arn't succesful.

Important Romance Developments.

Max and Liz

-Max is preocupied with saving Alex and Liz feels distant.
-Adam sneaks into Liz's dream and saves her from a nightmare.

Alex and Isabel

-Isabel is depressed that Alex is missing
-Isabel writes Alex a note and sends it too him on a firework.

Michael and Maria

-Michael is still treating Maria like a friend.
-Isabel and Michael have a brother/sister relationship again.
-Cameron left.
-Michael kept a vial of oil Maria gave to him.

Review (Highly Subjective)
Overall, I liked this book. Although I thought it was really too easy how they found the cave. I mean they hardly even had to search before the found it. How many caves are there in the world? Like Billions. Thats my only real annoyance.

I don't have much to say, its a cliffhanger. I hope they get poor little Alex back. Stay tuned for book 8!

3 out of 5 Marshmallows.

  • The Rebel (2000)

Max is now permenently connected to the consciousness. When he tells everyone, they are scared and hate the idea of it. Max asks the consciousness about Alex and gets a lot of different emotions, but some are hatred. Max is affraid that they may do something to harm Alex, especially when he feels a giant burst of energy from them.

Kyle finds pictures taken by his father of them. Kyle is suspectful and even in stalker mode. He even leaves a cheerleading barbie doll in Isabel's locker...with the face burned off. When Micheal sees Kyle staring at him from across the street, he decides to take action. He pushes Kyle onto the ground, only to find its not Kyle, Its his brother, Trevor. At first Michael can't believe it, he's not supposed to have a brother. Then Trevor connects to Michael and shows him their parents.

Isabel misses Alex, more than anyone in the group. When she sees Alex at her door one night, she is shocked. Alex is so scared from what he has been through, he imediatly crumples to the ground, but Isabel heals him. Alex tells them he felt something sinister follow him through the wormwhole. Then he finds out Trevor was the one who followed him through the warmwhole, which makes him really suspicous.

When Alex goes to his house, his father isn't as much of a controller as he was before. He lets Alex make his own decision about the ROTC. Which shocks Alex.

Liz's father finds out about the unchaparoned trip to Carlsbad Caverns and is really angry. He imediatly checks her for needle marks, since Liz's sister, Rosa, died of a drug overdose. Liz is angry that her father thinks she is Rosa. Maria's mother talks to her about the trip and calmy explains to her that she was very dissapointed in her.

Trevor and Michael start working on their friendship and hang out. Trevor keeps on mentioning Alex, which kind of gets Michael annoyed and suspecting. Michael shows Trevor the best things in Roswell, like crullers and hot sauce. Then Alex wakes to Trevor in his room searching for something, but doesn't get a clear look at him before he teleports out.

Isabel is thrilled that Alex is back. She is even agreeing with the captain of her cheerleading squad, Stacey Sheinin, who she hates. Everyone has noticed that Alex has gone under some transformation through the wormhole, he suddenly looks much "yummier" to Isabel and every other girl at Roswell High.

Maria recieved a strange phone call one night from someone looking through her window, he tells her that he can see everyone in the house. She thinks its Kyle right away and is affraid he will do something to harm her and her family.

Michael throws his first party in honor of Alex's return and Trevors visit, which almost everyone in their school went to, except Liz. At the party, Max goes upstairs and into a deep conection with the consciousness for an hour when he was supposed to call Liz, but Alex interupts him. Alex tells him what he thinks Trevor is really on Earth for...to get the stone of midnight from Alex. Max finds out from the consciousness that Trevor is dangerous. He brings everyone together and tells them everything, including Trevor. Michael is angry of what they are accusing his brother of and leaves with Trevor. They go to the cave and talk about what happened. Michael refuses to think for a moment that is brother is evil.

Meanwhile Liz and her parents get into a fight. Liz goes to the UFO center and finds Adam. She asks to stay with them for a while. Adam comforts her, and Liz kisses him. Then Adam kisses her, in a more romantic way. Liz tells him she can't do that because of Max. Later Liz dumps Max. Adam and Liz grow closer. Liz goes home and talks with her parents.

Michael drives Maria home. When they get there they find a note from someone who has kidnapped Maria's brother. Maria imediatly acusses Trevor. They go to the cave to find Trevor, and find him, alone. Trevor finnally half convinces everyone that he is not the kidnapper, and they realize they have another enemy, Kyle Valenti.

And they were right, they go to Kyles house and Kyle tells them he won't give Kevin back unless they tell him what he wants to know. Max finds Kevin in a crawl space under the floor. Trevor helps Max up from the crawl space, while reaching into Max's pocket and trying to take the stone. Max then almost kills Trevor, but Michael knocks the stone from Max's hand. Then Max is almost dead, with a faint heartbeat. Kyle then walks in holding a silver disk...then end of book 8.

Back Cover

Michael has finally found the one thing he has always yearned for-family. When his brother Trevor arrives in Roswell, Michael will do anything to please him. But soon Trevor's loyalties come into question-and Michael is caught in the cross fire.

Maria's little brother has disapeared and she knows the kidnappers are trying to get her and her friends. Devastated and guilt-ridden, Maria turns to Michael for help. But will he be there for her, or has Michael himself become the enemy?

Important Plot Developments

-New Character, Trevor, is introduced.

-Alex comes home.

-Michael throws a party

-Alex has a stone of midnight, which he gives to Max.

-Liz gets in a big fight with her parents.

-Liz and Max break up.

-Maria's brother is kidnapped by Kyle.

-Kyle has some small silver disk.

Important Romance Developments

Max and Liz

-Liz likes being around Adam, he makes her feel beautiful in the way Max used to.

-Adam likes Liz a lot and goes into another nightmare and again.

-Liz is repulsed when the consciousness connects in the middle of kissing.

-Max forgets to call Liz from the party.

-Adam and Liz kiss.

-Liz and Max break up.

Alex and Isabel

-Isabel misses Alex and is extremly happy when he comes back.

-Isabel is getting a little jelouse of Alex being with other girls.

-They dance together at Michael's party.

-Isabel is interested in Trevor.

Michael and Maria

-Michael goes to Maria's brother's basketball game with her.

-Michael still has feelings for Cameron, even though she's gone.

-He won't allow himself to get close to her.

-Maria still loves him.

Review (Highly Subjective)

A lot happened in this book. I was really confused about the ending the first time I read it and had no idea what had happened. So book 9 deffinitly will clear things up. Thats really all I have to say about this book.

3.5 out of 5 Silver Disks.

  • The Dark One (2000)

  • The Salvation (2000)

After DuPris killed Adam in The Dark One, the Salvation starts with Adam's burial in the middle of the desert. Everyone (except Max) says their goodbye by leaving Adam something to be buried with and then cover the grave.
Michael randomly points to a spot on the map of the United States to hide the two stones of midnight. He selects Montauk, New York and teleports there. He hides the stones inside a rock on the shore of the beach. Michael teleports back to find everyone around the un-responsive Max, who has been completly consumed in the collective consciousness. Trevor says that the consciousness doesn't usually take over a body unless they need the body to do or get something for them, like get the stones of midnight for instance. He tells them that with the 3 stones they can destroy the consciouness, however destroying the consciousness destroys all the members. Unless Max is effected differently because he's on Earth, Max will die too.

Trevor changes his apearance to be Max and goes home with Isabel to cover for Max. Isabel shows him around and tells him how he should act then starts questioning him about why he stayed with DuPris knowing he was evil. Isabel decides Trevor is one of the people on her side eventually.

Liz goes to visit Max before she goes to school. She talks to him and tells him she still loves him and that she never loved Adam as anything other than a good friend and that she only reason she broke up with him was because he was so absorbed in the consciousness. Just when she is walking out she takes one last glance at Max and sees him staring back at her. He gets up and walks over to her. He tells her that he never loved her and that he needs the stones so he can go home. Liz was hurt but after Max mentioned the stones a second time she realized it wasn't Max, it was the consiousness. She screamed at "Max" telling it she didn't know where the stones were and Max's body crumpled to the floor.

In the next part of the chapter we read the real Max's thoughts. He is trying to break through billions of auras to get to the surface. He sees images of Liz's face deep with hurt and trys to break through to the surface but can't.

At the lunch table Liz tells everyone about Max waking up and they decided that half of the group (Michael, Trevor, and Maria) will work on shattering the consciousness while the other half (Liz, Isabel, and Alex) will work on distracting the consiouness in Max's body by leading him on a wild goose chase for the stones.

Maria, Michael, and Trevor go to the desert to test the stones power. Michael makes a tornado type thing which only uses a very small part of the power. Michael then asks Maria to bring his car to her house and he will pick it up later. Michael and Trevor go to return the stones to their hiding spot.

Liz, Alex, and Isabel go to see Max and tell him they will help him get the stones but Max's body gives no response. Isabel and Alex go into the other room and talk while Liz stays in the room with Max.

Meanwhile Michael and Trevor warm the ocean with the stones and go swimming. Trevor then asks Michael if, after they shatter the consciousness, he'd want to go back home with him. Part of Michael wants to go, but part wants to stay on Earth with his family of friends.

Liz talks to her father and tells him about Adam's death, but makes up a different way of death. Hanging out with her father and discussing her feelings helps her a little and she decides to go to bed. In her dream she meets a dolphin which she has the distinct feeling is Max comunicating through her dream, she feels this very strongly. Then she sees a larger animal in the pool with Max the dolphin, a killer whale. She sees blood and screams for Max but she wakes up hoping that Max will try again.

Michael and Trevor return to Roswell and Michael tells him that he's decided to go home. Trevor is really happy. Michael goes to pick up the car and finds Maria sleeping in the drivers side. He really wants to touch and kiss her but knows he can't because he is leaving and it would hurt her.

At school the following day, Alex casually tries to get Michael to reveal what he looks for in a girl for Maria by saying it is for his webpage, he doesn't have a whole lot of luck. Then Alex, Isabel, and Liz go to see Max and find him watching tv, only its the consciousness. They bring "Max" to the cave to 'look for the stones' pretending to help "Max".

Maria, Trevor, and Michael go into the desert to experiment again. Michael comes up with the idea that maybe they can use the two stones to attack the consciousness from the inside, through Max. To get an idea of how much power the human body can take. They fly Maria through the air and then Maria hears Trevor say something about building an amusement park when they get home and Maria feels like she is going to be sick, she can't believe that Michael is going home. She makes them put her down. They decide that Michael will be the one who connects to the consciousness and trys to destroy it from inside because Trevor is hated by his planet.

The next day they all go to the UFO center for Michael to connect to Max. When Michael connected he was mixing colors or doing something wierd with colors and then the real Max told him that he had to leave.

Meanwhile, Liz, Isabel, Alex, and Maria watched on. Michael had some creepy smile on his face and Max remained vacant until for just one second Max's face became "twisted in agony". Then moments later they noticed Michael and Max's bodies growing together and called Trevor up. In order to try and stop the growing they all connected. Then Liz realized she was growing into Maria and imagined the pure amber of her aura which helped break her through. She threw Maria a picture of a sparkling blue lake. Eventually everyone got the idea and through their auras out and then tried throwing Max's aura but the connection broke. Everyone was free, but Max was still sucked into the consciousness.

Isabel and Trevor go to Isabels then decide to go to UFOnics to get their minds of Max.

Liz is under a willow tree in the middle of the desert at a tea party alone wearing her cup cake dress from kindergarten, she realizes she's dreaming again. She also realized the jade tree is Max. She tries to communicate with him but the tree is sucked into the ground.

Maria's mother is getting ready for a date so Maria quickly mixes up an oil for her. Later Michael stops by and watches a movie she was allready watching, a love story between an alien guy and a human girl. At the end of the movie Michael is about to leave when Maria asks him if he's going home with Trevor. He says he's thinking about it.

Michael, Trevor, and Maria go out for pizza the next day to try and think of another plan to shatter the consciousness. Maria and Michael fight when Trevor reminds them the reason they are there. They decide they will make a timer for the disk device Kyle had before and send it through the worm hole to drain the stone on their planets energy.

Liz, Isabel, and Alex bring Max to the bedroom. Isabel and Alex go into the next room while Liz decides to stay with Max again. She trys using things that would be in his memory, like songs and ketchup to make him come back. She finally kisses him, he wraps his arms around her and kisses her, after a little while his body goes blank again.

On the way to the institute Kyle is in Maria wants to ask Michael what "I'm thinking about it" means but she knows she shouldn't. She pretends to fall asleep. When they get there they eventually ask him about it, Kyle won't tell them anything.

Isabel decides to go into Kyle's dream to find out where it is. He eventually tells her it is in the last stall of the boys bathroom closest to the cafertaria in a metal box behind the toilet. Isabel leaves the dream. Trevor tells her that Michael is going home with him and asks Isabel if she will come too, he kisses her. She tells him she wants to see how Max is doing, he tells her that Max may not make it.

Isabel and Alex go mini-golfing. Isabel tells Alex about Trevor asking her to go home. He tells her if she wants to go she should. She tells him that if Max comes out of this allright, she might go.

Maria goes to Michaels and demands he tells her what "I'm thinking about it" means and that if he is leaving she at least wants a goodbye. He says goodbye. Maria realizes that all Michael will ever feel for her is friendship and leaves upset. She falls down his stairs, gets back up, and leaves.

The next day they all get ready to open the worm hole and Liz decides she will wait with Max upstairs. They all strap into the wall to keep from being sucked in. Michael and Trevor use the stones to open the worm hole. Trevor puts the disk device through the hole and after 20 seconds he detonates it. They wait for the remote to turn from green to red. When it finally does Michael and Trevor start blasting power from the stones into the worm hole. Michael can feel the power with great intensity and can't even feel his bones. Eventually the power starts ebbing and he connects with Trevor, Maria, Alex, and Isabel. Then a bunch of voices, emotions, and auras fill the room. Michael hears Ray Iburg say his final goodbye then he feels two aura full of love for Michael suround him, his parents. They leave and he worries that Max will be the next one to say goodbye.

Meanwhile Liz is upstairs with the vacant Max. She is on top of him to keep him pined down in case the worm hole starts to suck him in. Suddenly he disapears from under her. She trys to split her molecules so she can find them by throwing out every memory she has into the air. She goes blank and is suddenly surounded by stars. She hears a voice, or a thought and then Max forms into one of the nearer stars. They decide to go back before the others worry. They reform in the museum and stumble to the wall with the others.

With the hole almost ready to close, Trevor asks Isabel if she's coming. Isabel says no because her family is on Earth. Michael un-straps himself and is about to leave when he takes on last look at Maria. They instantly connect without even touching and Michael recieves all kinds of memories. He realizes that he has roots with Maria and that if he goes these roots will be torn up. He tells Trevor he can't go. Trevor says its okay and goes through the worm hole, it closes behind him.

Michael goes up to Maria, who is struggling with her knotted harness. Michael helps her with it and she really doesn't know why Michael stays. He finally pulls her up to him and kisses her. When there kiss ends Maria tells him she wants "the words", he tells her he loves her and she tells her that she loves him too.

Alex and Isabel feel out of place in a room of Max and Liz plus Maria and Michael. They talk and Alex lightly kisses her. I am not really sure what all this means, considering before Isabel seemed like she had a thing for Trevor. They all connect joining their auras, music notes, and scents and remember the first time they had all connected. That is the way the book, and the series, end.

Important Plot Developments.

-Adam is burried.
-Max has been taken over the consciousness which is after the stones of midnight.
-They try to defeat the consciousness through Max and are un-succesful.
-Trevor builts a detonator for the device Kyle has which drains the stones of midnight power.
-The send the device through a worm hole and detonate it draining the stones power.
-Michael and Trevor send the stones power through the hole, destroying the consciousness.
-Max is back to normal Max again.

Important Romance Developments.

Max and Liz

-In the beginning Liz tells Max's pretty much lifeless body that she loves him.
-Max, taken over by the consciousness, tells Liz he never loved her.
-Liz meets Max in her dreams.
-Liz brings Max back by kissing him, but he gets sucked back in.
-When Max disapears Liz's molecules somehow finds him.

Alex and Isabel

-Isabel and Trevor get kind of close.
-Alex and Isabel are just friends, Alex has accepted this.
-Alex's effects from the worm hole havn't worn out yet.
-At the end Alex lightly kisses Isabel.

Michael and Maria

-Michael decides he can't get close to Maria because it will hurt Maria when he goes home.
-Maria thinks he thinks of her only as a friend.
-Michael avoids her as much as he can which only makes Maria think he dis-likes her more.
-Maria forces Michael to tell him his decision about going home, which makes her very upset.
-In the end, Michael stays for Maria.
-They kiss and tell one another they love each other.

Review (Highly Subjective)

This book was deffinitly one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite. I loved the way things tied up at the end so that the series didn't just end with a cliff hanger. The writing was excellent and even after reading it the second time I still enjoyed it just as much.

I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 Pizzas from the Flying Pepperoni.

Roswell High characters

  • Aliens

Max Evans: a senior; mysterious, tall, blonde haired and blue eyed; in love with Liz since he was just a boy; nicknamed "Mister Responsibility" by Liz
Isabel Evans: a junior and a cheerleader; tall, blonde, blue eyed; Max's sister
Michael Guerin: black and spikey hair, gray eyes
Nikolas Branson: fourth alien, Isabel's boyfriend, considers humans to be insects (first appears in The Wild One)
Adam: fifth pod alien, raised in captivity of the Clean Slate compound, calls Sheriff Valenti "Daddy" (appears in The Intruder through The Dark One)
Trevor: Michael's brother; came to Earth to assist Elsevan DuPris' resistance against the ruling powers of Antar, initially betraying Michael but later saving him and his friends from DuPris (appears in The Rebel through The Salvation)
Elsevan DuPris: green hair, oily attitude; once thought of as the editor of The Astral Projector, he is actually an evil alien
Ray Iburg: manager of the UFO Museum, secretly alien (appears in The Wild One through The Watcher)

  • Humans

Liz Ortecho: a senior and Max's biology class lab partner; of Spanish descent; long, dark hair. Romantically connected to Max and Adam
Maria DeLuca: Liz's best friend since childhood, curly blond hair. Romantically connected to Michael.
Alex Manes: Liz and Maria's best friend, red hair. Romantically connected to Isabel.
Kyle Valenti: the sheriff's son whom Liz went out with on one date
Sheriff Valenti: alien hunter for the top secret Project Clean Slate
Cameron Whinger: runaway redhead hired by Valenti to obtain information from Michael (appears in The Intruder and The Stowaway)Romantically connected with Michael.

  • Aura colors

Max – Emerald green
Isabel – Royal purple
Michael – Brick red
Liz – Amber
Maria – Sky blue
Alex – Bright orange
Nikolas – Gold
Adam – Sunny yellow
Cameron – Olive green
Ray – Creamy white
Trevor – Magenta


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