Freakin' Sweet...the Family Guy Quiz is here!

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Freakin' Sweet...the Family Guy Quiz is here!

Писане  Drama.Queen on Пет 23 Сеп 2011, 18:19

Ето го и моя резултат:

Stewie Griffin
You are Stewie Griffin! You're an evil genius with a strong desire to, shall we say, 'eliminate' certain people, including your mother Lois. You are intelligent, calculating and bossy, yet still possess a childish manner. You love your teddy bear Rupert, are fascinated by Teletubbies and enjoy making fun of your father Peter. World domination could be go for it!

'cause it's AWOL~!
Kanda's mine, Moyashi!
Is sex dirty? - Only if its done right

When does pleasure become pain? When does sex become insane? Its true what they say,fuckin' for love might be the last legal drug...
Стани: "Кален и Анда"


Kanda,Allen and Lavi are MINE!
Sebastian Michaels - One Hell Of a Butler!
Fuckin' King Of The World!
You said you read me like a book, but the pages are all torn and frayed
Horny, little sluts!
Die ... !!!
Paths of the spirit#1 Black lace

Age : 26
Location : Sofia, Bulgaria
Job/hobbies : Annoying my man/ sex in public places
Humor : Of course I'm talking to myself! Who else can i trust?
Character : Kamen addicted~ , Noddy, horny, shorty, Isane, 100 % perv!, Yaoi obsession! Be aware ~ I bite!
Reputation : 19
Брой мнения : 4942
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